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Az MGYNT hírarchívuma

Hírkategória: Összes hírkategória
  • EPNS Exam | 1 May 2022 | Glasgow, UK
    [2022.04.05.] - MGYNT - Hírkategória: Általános
    The EPNS is in the process of developing an EPNS Exam on knowledge in Paediatric Neurology, and a successful trial formative* EPNS Exam on the topics of the training courses was held in 2021 during the March EPNS training course.

    During the EPNS Congress 2022 in Glasgow we plan to hold another trial formative* EPNS Exam, covering all topics of Paediatric Neurology. In the trial formative* EPNS Exam in Glasgow there will be 40-50 multiple choice questions, whereas in the summative** EPNS Exam which should be available in 2023, there will be 80-100 questions. This trial in Glasgow will give the EPNS experience for the future and will also give some ideas to young EPNS members what to expect when the summative ** EPNS Exam rolls out.

    *Formative: an assessment for the participant to identify strengths and weaknesses, to enable focus on how to improve skills and learn what to expect when the EPNS Exam officially rolls out. Will NOT result in a formal qualification.

    **Summative: an evaluation of learning after completing the recommended learning activities in the EPNS Learning Guidelines and EPNS Training Guide. Will result in a formal qualification.

    Date: Sunday 1 May 2022.
    Time: starts at 19:00h for approx. 2 hours.

    Topics of questions: see EPNS Learning Objectives and EPNS Training Guide on the EPNS website: https://www.epns.info/epns-exam/

    Venue: SEC (EPNS Congress location).
    SEC Room: Dochart room.

    Number of places: maximum 40 persons, accepted on a first come, first served basis.

    Participation: in-person only. Virtual participation is not possible.

    Who is the formative EPNS Exam is aimed at?: all registered paediatric neurologists: from those in their last year of training to senior colleagues who would like to retest their knowledge.

    To participate in the formative EPNS Exam: You do not need to be an EPNS member. You must be attending the EPNS Congress 2022 in Glasgow in-person and belong to one of the following 2 categories:
    • Resident in Paediatric Neurology, in last year of training.
    • Registered as a specialist Paediatric Neurologist.

    Cost: NIL, it is free to participate in this trial, formative EPNS Exam.

    Preparation: this formative EPNS Exam will cover the broad range of Neuropaediatrics, and therefore no specific revision is required. The exam will be based on the EPNS Learning Objectives and EPNS Training Guide https://www.epns.info/epns-exam/

    Format: the formative EPNS Exam will be in electronic format.
    Number of questions: 40-50 multiple choice questions.
    Equipment needed: it is essential that each participant brings their own laptop or iPad, where they can get access to the local WLAN system.

    Results: participants will be notified of the outcome of the formative* EPNS Exam by email after the EPNS Congress.

    Certificate: this is a formative EPNS Exam; however, participants will receive a proof of participation certificate to thank them for their participation.

    Confidentiality: the formative EPNS Exam results are personal and will not be shared with anybody but the participant.

    To Register:
    It is easy! Simply complete and submit this online registration form

    More Information
    In the future, the EPNS Exam will be summative and offered for a fee every second year or annually, this is to be decided. It is hoped the first summative EPNS Exam will take place in 2023.
    We hope you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to help the EPNS shape this future important tool in the education and training of paediatric neurologists.
    Any questions, please contact Professor Maja Steinlin maja.steinlin@insel.ch